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Who We Are

The IT Partner Group includes; IT Partner, Caribbean Software Solutions and VSH-Tech. As a group of companies we provide software solutions for the logistics industry; specialized for ports, terminals, agencies, freight forwarders and stevedoring companies.
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IT Partner was founded in 1999 in Rotterdam the Netherlands. In those early days all the software solutions were custom made, for a specific customer with a specific need. By word of mouth IT partner gained more customers. New customers with other demands requested new functionalities to be added to the different solutions. This resulted in CENTER SUITE. An off the shelf solution existing of separate modules which can be used independently.

In 2005 IT Partner was asked to help the Port of St. Maarten with automating their operations. The Port of St. Maarten is one of the key cruise destinations in the Caribbean. A partnership, that lasts till today, was born.

The Port of St. Maarten became IT Partner’s launching customer for its Port Management System (PMS) and Port Community System (PCS).
In 2019 IT Partner founded Caribbean Software Solutions in St. Maarten to have a local presence and to provide local support.

In the same period IT Partner was working for VSH Group, one of the largest holding companies in Suriname, South America. VSH has a multitude of companies, such as agencies, warehouses, freight forwarders and terminals making IT Partner their best fit as a software vendor.

This relationship turned into a joint-venture and VSH-Tech was founded in 2020 having staff in Suriname and the Netherlands.
Now, IT Partner Group operates worldwide, staffing over 30 people and provides support 24/7/365 globally.

Our Mission

To help regions prosper by providing the right tools helping them to work more efficiently, reducing costs and offering sustainable employment to their residents.

The way we go about this is by sharing our knowledge and expertise abundantly. To strive together with our customers for their success, side by side. By delivering. And by being honest. If something is not going to work, we will tell you. If we know that what you are asking for is not the way forward, we will explain to you why we should take another path which will lead to you staying ahead of the competition.

That this approach works, shows from our 100% client retention rate.

Our Culture

We are a very international group with roots from all over the world. We learn from each other and respect each other. We have created a safe environment in which it is OK to make mistakes as long as we learn from them.

Whether you find us in Suriname, Rotterdam or any other place in the world, what sets us apart is our down to earth mentality soaked in laughter and laid-backness while providing nothing less than global excellence. That is the IT Partner Group in a nutshell.
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