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Easy to use and

Our CENTER BARGING planning application is a “Software as a Service” cloud-based web application. It makes it easy to plan and monitor inland vessels during the booking process, appointments and rotations.

Exchange data with BICS, MCA and more

CENTER BARGING supports various electronic data exchanges with the vessel (BICS), container terminals and Port Community Systems such as Portbase (including MCA).

The skipper of the inland navigation vessel has direct access to the application using an easy to use APP where he can report his arrivals electronically and monitor his own planning.
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Realtime data and insight

With the extensive Business Intelligence possibilities and connections with financial systems CENTER Barging is the state-of-the-art solution for barge planning.

some of the features:

APP for the helmsman for real-time planning, arrival and departure information including feedback functions
Planning dashboard from where appointments and open bookings can be managed and created in 1 routine
Active overview of open bookings and available seats on board
BICS link with Barges
MCA link with Portbase
Possibility of integration with external financial systems
Extended KPI possible
Easy to use Web application
Extensive reporting methodology for loading, unloading and planning report
Possibility of storing external documents

Benefits of Barging

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Exchange data in realtime

With CENTER BARGING users can exchange their data in real time and without active contact with a third party or a helmsman with one web application.
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Communicate with terminals

With CENTER BARGING the communication with terminals is simplified by using the integration with Portbase.
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Cloud-based and web

With CENTER BARGING there is no need for an extensive server park or infrastructure.

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We are specialized in developing software for the shipping and logistics industry. For over 20 years we have been delivering state of the art products, supporting our customers worldwide. Our main developers and product owners all have a background in Logistics. Before joining our team they used to work in terminals or ports. We know Logistics at first hand.
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