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“From the very first day that I started Honkoop Barging, I found IT Partner by my side. For over a decade they have helped me grow my business in a smart and sustainable way. IT Partner understands my industry and the challenges that I have to face. Barging Center helps me to keep a lean organization with low overhead while seizing every business opportunity that we see. We are staying ahead of the competition, with IT Partner as our software provider of choice.”
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Because you are unique

Some companies work in a special niche with only a few players. Others work in such a different manner than their peers, that they stand out. These companies are unique and an off the shelf product will not meet their high demands, the very thing that makes them special.

100% client retention rate

IT Partner can easily craft a software solution for you. For more than 20 years IT partner has been developing software solutions to meet the demand of the customers. And with a client retention rate of 100% it is fair to say that we deliver global excellence.
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Fast and affordable

By using the newest technologies and working agile we are capable of delivering solutions fast and affordable. For every question that we receive we first make an analysis of which functionality already exists, which technology has been used or should be used. If we can work with lowcode rather than traditional developing, we will. Working with the latest technologies helps you to stay unique and on top of your game.

IT Partner.
Connecting your business.

We are specialized in developing software for the shipping and logistics industry. For over 20 years we have been delivering state of the art products, supporting our customers worldwide. Our main developers and product owners all have a background in Logistics. Before joining our team they used to work in terminals or ports. We know Logistics at first hand.
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Flexible organization, short lines of communication
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Worldwide coverage, 24/7 support
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Able to develop, implement and give training remote

Are you ready for the next step in automation and you just cannot wait?


If moving cargo is your world, we will help you run it.
IT Partner. Connecting your business.

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