If moving cargo is your world,
we will help you run it.

You can choose to use one module or go for the entire suite, it is up to you.

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Why you should choose IT Partner:

“One of the advantages of working with IT Partner is that they are able to provide us new releases and updates on a regular basis with almost zero downtime.

For us, being the largest short sea terminal of Europe, it is crucial that we can do our job without any disruption. We can update our entire TOS within a meal break.”
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You want to charge your customers for every step your people have to take for them?
Now you can.

With CENTER ERP you can invoice all the handlings on the terminal making sure that whatever task you perform, you can charge a fee for it. CENTER ERP enables you to keep track of all the activities on your terminal. Specific charges, different contracts for different operators, different price sets, with CENTER ERP you can manage it all.

Multiple terminals, one system. CENTER ERP.

Do you want to see the vessel or the bay?
You choose.

Easy and efficient planning of yards and vessels is yours to have with CENTER MASTERPLAN.

The visualization tools provide different views to the dispatcher or planner. They can choose which view they prefer when planning the workload. CENTER MASTERPLAN can manage different Cargo Handling Equipment (CHE). If you change your hardware or add some equipment, CENTER MASTERPLAN can easily incorporate these changes in the system.
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You want to log a physical inspection in your system?
Now you can.

CENTER APPS is a mobile solution for all your logistic activities. It works on handheld devices making it easy for your people to register and log their activities no matter where on the terminal they are. Notifications of tasks to perform or which have been carried out, are send to the handheld devices. And everything is captured in your system

Insight in your data. Realtime. All the time. CENTER BI

Reporting has never been this easy. Using the powerful tools to build dashboards and reports. Run queries and easy to understand data visualisations. You can connect CENTER BI to your existing datawarehouse or other datasource. It’s that simple.
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Give your customers insight in the process.

Communicating with your customers, giving them insight in the process is easy with CENTER CLIENT PORTAL. You provide them the tools to amongst others register their cargo and give access to their staff, wherever they are.

Elevate your terminal to its highest potential.

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IT Partner. Connecting your business.

We are specialized in developing software for the shipping and logistics industry. For over 20 years we have been delivering state of the art products, supporting our customers worldwide. Our main developers and product owners all have a background in Logistics. Before joining our team they used to work in terminals or ports. We know Logistics at first hand.
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Flexible organization, short lines of communication
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Worldwide coverage, 24/7 support
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Able to develop, implement and give training remote

Are you ready for the next step in automation and you just cannot wait?


If moving cargo is your world, we will help you run it.
IT Partner. Connecting your business.

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