Introducing Center APPS, a mobile solution for terminal operational activities.

This week we introduce to you our mobile solution: CENTER APPS. This is our fourth CENTER Suite software product. Center APPS is a mobile solution for all your port logistics activities.

CENTER APPS  is a user-friendly application that is linked to the Terminal Operating System (TOS). CENTER APPS makes real-time operational information available, in a clear and uniform way.  It is built with  an intuitive user experience in mind and is user-friendly and flexible.

The look and feel of CENTER APPS can be customized to your corporate branding.

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With CENTER APPS, all your operational work is available via mobile equipment so you have access to the information and functions you need anytime and anywhere.CENTER APPS is 100% integrated in the CENTER Suite and interfaces seamlessly with your existing IT solutions. The code, logic and functions are focused on the operational processes of your organization, so you do not have to adjust your business processes in any way.

CENTER APPS is  cross platform and works on iOS, Android and Windows.In addition to industrial apps, we also develop commercial apps. The possibilities are endless. For more information, please contact us, we will discuss the possibilities for your organization.


Benefits of using CENTER APPS

  • Using less paper
  • Can be used on various devices
  • User-friendly design and interaction
  • Authorization per user group can be arranged
  • Flexible application, possibility for customization
  • Minimal interaction user
  • Possible to give assignments at color level
  • Better communication with your operational staff
  • Better communication with your customers
  • Preventing double registration of data
  • Minimize human errors
  • Insight and input for KPI’s
  • 100 % integrated
  • Data real-time
  • Reliable KPI’s,  to control your operation better
  • Flexible application, possibility for customization
  • Cross platform; Apple, Android and Microsoft


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