IT Partner introduces low-code software development to its CENTER products.

In a world where technology evolves quickly, with high demands on developing advanced software applications, strategic decision-making is critical.

To keep up with changing programming methodologies and technology changing its course, our company introduces a low-code software platform for developing our CENTER products.

IT Partner B.V. opts for low-code software development

Why opt for low-code development.

Low-code development is a fairly new approach to building unique business applications. It enables software development companies to innovate faster and be more productive and efficient.

Rob Jordan, co-owner and general manager of IT Partner states that "an important consideration for using low-code development is our strategy to disconnect functionality from the technical layer. This is now provided for by the platform".

"With low-code development, we are better equipped to quickly adapt and respond to fast-changing business conditions and will be able to offer products that fit business demands even better."

Biggest advantage of low-code development.

The biggest advantage of using a low-code development platform, is that it enables us to maximize  the  potential of our software developers. This potential, essentially, is not defined by their ability to write code. Their true value rather lies in their ideas behind the coding. It lies in their ability to think through business situations and come up with creative and straight to the point solutions.  In the end, this means, our company will have a stronger and even more robust foundation to start building from.

ThinkWise, the low-code platform of choice.

After extensive research and a PoV (Proof of Value) we selected ThinkWise as our low-code platform business partner.
Rob Jordan:  “We compared the required effort against the same case using traditional software development based on C#, Angular and other tools, which showed that we were able to achieve much faster results. This has an immediate impact on our efficiency and effectiveness. Another major advantage is that the user interface is unambiguous across all applications.”

Our first low-code product, will be implemented later this year.

The first product that will be built using the platform, is CENTER PCS, a port community system that will be implemented on St. Maarten, later this year.

Because of the evolvement within our organization, we are able to keep on building software products that are future proof and  keep our focus on a strong relationship with our customers. This is our main incentive.

"It’s the ‘partner’ in IT Partner that matters."

IT Partner B.V. 

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